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Lenders CofC students may have used in the past

So in addition to the Private Student Loan Comparison Chart on our CofC Alternative Loan Sources website, CofC also references ELMSelect as an online, lender-neutral platform to display a historically cumulative list of lenders and education loan products that CofC students may have used in the past.  ELMSelect features side-by-side field-level comparisons of loan products, enabling students to "compare and select a lender that best fits their loan needs. 

CofC does not recommend any specific lenders for private education loans, and you’re not limited to those on this list. ELMSelect lenders have not been ranked, and are presented in random. Please note that lenders may require or strongly recommend a cosigner in order to approve a loan or provide the best interest rate possible. Some private education loans may also require payments while the student is still in-school.  We recommend comparing loan products and lenders to find the best interest rate and repayment options for your situation.  It is your responsibility, as the consumer, to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these programs and make your selection based on those features that best meet your financial needs.