Financial Aid Staff and Organizational Chart

Simpson, Derwin
Director Student Services and Programs 

Harrison-Jones, Erica
Associate Director for Scholarships 

Lincoln, Gail
Program Coordinator for State Grants & Special Programs and Financial Aid Counselor 

Woolum, Scott
Program Coordinator for Veterans Affairs and Financial Aid Counselor 

Bonnette, Kelvin
Program Coordinator for Federal Grants, College Work Study and Return of Title IV Aid and Financial Aid Counselor

Milligan, Tamieka
Assistant Director for State Scholarships

Jones, Debra
Program Coordinator for Outside Aid and Alternative Loans and Financial Aid Counselor

Craig, Hannah
Counselor & Operations Manager

Ebaugh, Travis
Associate Director System Development & Operations  

Web Maynard
Counselor and Customer Service Manager

Kersey, Robert
Executive Director Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs

Data Files Coordinator

Program Coordinator for Retention and Financial Literacy

Financial Aid Organizational Chart