College Savings / Prepaid Tuition

The South Carolina 529 College Savings Plan allows students and families to save money for future college expenses and let those savings grow tax-free. For details about South Carolina's Future Scholar Program, visit or call (888) 244-5674.

The South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program allows families to pay in advance for the tuition expense of child's college education at any of South Carolina's public colleges and universities. For more information about the South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program visit or call (888) 772-4723. Note this program is subject to current legislation passed by the General Assembly.

All state prepaid tuition and college savings plans. This site provides a state-by-state description of the various state section 529 plans. It includes all state prepaid tuition and college savings plans nationwide. Please visit each plan's web site for current information about fund expenses, minimum contributions and other information. This site also provides the ratings page for ratings of all the section 529 college savings plans for state residents and non-residents and advice on selecting a 529 college savings plan. A separate page discusses state income tax benefits, which may include full or partial state income tax deductions for plan contributions.

Questions regarding Third Party Billing for 529 or

any other State Tuition Payment programs should be directed to

the CofC Treasurer’s Office