Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study (FWS) program allows degree-seeking students with financial need the opportunity to work part time in order to earn money for educational expenses. Financial aid applicants who receive FWS awards may be employed by departments on the College of Charleston campus or by various approved off-campus sites. Refer to the Career Center for additional information about student employment.

Obtaining Federal Work Study

To receive FWS, a degree-seeking student should complete the FAFSA before the College of Charleston's priority deadline of March 1st, and complete any other federal requirements, like verification, in a timely manner. Due to the limited amount of FWS funds, the College requires that students submit a FWS request to be awarded FWS funds. Students are awarded first come first serve from the FWS request list and will be notified via their college email address. Students on the request list that do not receive a FWS award will be placed on the waitlist. Students that do not find employment may have their Federal Work Study award cancelled and re-awarded to students on the waiting list. FWS students can not be employed in two work study positions simultaneously. FWS students that are employed will be paid every two weeks.