FWS Request List

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) request list is for students that have or intend to find employment through the FWS program. Due to the limited amount of FWS funds, the College no longer awards FWS to students just based on the FWS question on the FAFSA. Rather, students must submit a FWS request to be awarded FWS funds.

Please note that:

  • FWS requires financial need. Only submit a request after the College has received your FAFSA; if your FAFSA has not been received your request will be deleted.
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee that you will get awarded FWS funds.
  • If you are awarded FWS funds, you are responsible for finding FWS-eligible employment. If you fail to secure FWS-eligible employment in a timely manner, the FWS funds may be canceled and awarded to another student.
  • You only receive FWS funds by working; and since the funds are only paid as a part of your paycheck, they will not directly offset tuition costs.

FCWS Waiting list here