About Army ROTC


Originally dating back to 1819 with the initial creation of a training program at Norwich University in Vermont; United States Reserve Officer Training Corps was officially created with the National Defense Act of 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. Since then, Army ROTC is credited with commissioning more than half a million second lieutenants. Army ROTC is a pre-commissioning program for currently enrolled college students looking to commission as Second Lieutenant’s into the United States Army upon college graduation. For more information regarding the history of Army ROTC, see below


The Army ROTC program at the College of Charleston is currently part of the largest Army ROTC program of 275 across the United States. Currently hosted by the Citadel Military Army ROTC Department, the Palmetto Battalion Army ROTC is fully staffed with over 18 Active Duty personnel as well as a full support staff. As an extension of the Palmetto Battalion, College of Charleston students will participate in the ROTC program and commission as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation.


"There are so many reasons that the Army ROTC program was ideal for me. First, I think it is important that I give back to the country that has given me so much. Second, as an out-of-state student, the Army provided me with a scholarship and monthly stipend that made attending the College of Charleston a very happy reality. And third, opportunity: the Army has given me nothing but opportunity. In the four years I have been a member of the Palmetto Battalion, I have had the pleasure of traveling around the United States and Europe as well as meeting and networking with incredible personnel. The Army really pushes you to expand your horizons! I was even given the opportunity to fly around in helicopters for a month this past summer, which was such an amazing experience. This program pushes you outside of your comfort zone and makes you see what you are truly capable of doing as a leader and individual. In the end, I know choosing the Army was right for me. I have had an enriching and fulfilling college experience, and I have no doubt my military career will be no different."

-Natalie Byrom, Army Aviator and Class of 2013