Cadet Life

Army ROTC Cadets are encouraged to participate extracurricular activities. We want our cadets to have a well-rounded college experience. 

Cordell Airborne Ranger Club

The Cordell Airborne Ranger Club is a voluntary club sponsored by cadre in the Palmetto Battalion. The club is named after Captain Terry Cordell-- a graduate of The Citadel and one of the first Special Forces Officers in the US Army--who was killed in action in Vietnam. The purpose of the club is to train cadets on modern infantry tactics. This training not only helps develop leadership skills, it also better prepares cadets for Cadet Initial Entry Training and Cadet Leadership Course. The training is very realistic, teaching the latest infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. The Club conducts very rigorous training on campus and is meant to challange participants. The club is open to all students and is an excellent opportunity to learn a more about the Army, build camaraderie, and have fun. The club alsoacts as a military networking tool for members, giving them the opportunity to stay in touch with their miltary roots as they progress in their careers.

Participating Cadets have the opportunity to compete for the coveted Cordell Airborne Ranger Scroll. Contracted Army ROTC Cadets have the opportunity to be awarded additional order of merit points as a part of their accessions process for Cadets who have earned the Cordell Airborne Ranger Scorll. 

All interested Cadets should contact any Army ROTC Military Science Instructor upon beginning ROTC classes.


Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge, known as the varsity sport of Army ROTC, is a competition designed to challenge cadets both physically and mentally as well as enhance leader development and team cohesion. 

Army ROTC conducts Ranger Challenge once per year in the Fall Semester. It consists of practical exercises using all the leadership skills and technical skills a cadet has learned throughout the school year. Generally, Ranger Challenge has the following events: Land Navigation, One Rope Bridge, Patrolling, Weapons Assembly, M16 Firing Ranges, 10K Road March and the Army Physical Fitness Test.