Specialty Scholarships

Specialty Scholarships are departmental scholarships which are not associated with one particular major. The department determines the applications, awarding and terms of the scholarship, so students interested in a specialty scholarship should contact the department, not the Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs.

Adult Student Scholarships

Currently enrolled and incoming adult students may apply for scholarships if they are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.  Non-degree seeking students will also be considered.  For more information please go here.

Alumni Association Scholarship

The Alumni Association has proudly offered scholarships for the last 43 years. This year money was awarded to 16 students. Some scholarships are open only to children and relatives of alumni, but others are open to all students. Scholarships are based on demonstrated leadership potential. Applications are available on their website.

The College of Charleston Young Alumni Association sponsors the Young Alumni Scholarship, which provides $1,000 towards tuition at the Graduate School of the College of Charleston.

Friends of the Library Scholarship Fund for Veterans

The College of Charleston is honored to continue to award the first ever scholarship specifically for attending veteran students. The scholarship was created with a generous donation from Charleston Friends of the Library.

  • Be a Veteran
  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Enrolled full time
  • Pursuing your first bachelor's degree
  • Have a 3.0 CofC GPA
  • Have earned 90 credit hours at the end of Spring 2019 and intend to graduate by May 2020
  • Filed a 2019-2020 FAFSA

Please note, dependents of Veterans will not be considered. The Application for this scholarship can be found here.
The deadline to submit is 5:00pm EST on July 19, 2019.

Gavalas Kolanko Foundation Scholarship

The Gavalas Kolanko Foundation (GKF) is proud to award scholarships to students with physical impairments (sight, hearing, movement) at the College of Charleston. The recipient needs to be willing to serve as a representative of the Foundation and participate in GKF-related functions that occur during the scholarship year. The scholarship can be renewed for up to a total of four years. A full application is required the first application year. Each of the following years a current transcript is required by the application deadline. The scholarship is not automatically renewed each year, a transcript must be provided for the board to review. The application can be downloaded from the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation's website but is submitted to the College's Center for Disability Services

Gerald D. Polis Family Endowed Veterans Scholarship

Established in 2018 by CofC alumnus Jerry Polis '62, the Gerald D. Polis Family Endowed Veterans Scholarship honors our military veterans for their service to our country and provides financial assistance in pursuit of their education.  A qualifying applicant must be an honorably discharged service member and a full-time student at the College of Charleston. The Polis Endowed Scholarship is awarded to one entering student and may be renewed for up to four years. Applications can be accessed via www.cofc.academicworks.com.

For a Detailed List of Military Scholarships, please click here.

Graduate Students

Graduate students finance their education through scholarships, assistantships, fellowships and/or loans. There are both internal and external sources of funding available. The Graduate School offers the Graduate Scholars Award, program scholarships and grants, a number of fellowships, and assistantships.

Hibernian Society of Charleston Scholarship

The Hibernian Society Scholarship is available to current College of Charleston students who demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, and intent to remain in the Charleston area after graduation. Hibernian Application are available here, or from the Hibernian Society, 105 Meeting St., Charleston, SC 29401.

Please complete the Hibernian Application and return it, along with all supporting documents, to The Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs. Please note, incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2020 at 5pm.

Honors College

Honors College merit scholarships are awarded on top of any other scholarship(s) a student may receive from the College of Charleston, State of South Carolina, or from independent sources. Most recruitment scholarships awarded by the Honors College are not associated with one particular major and are awarded to students who are members of the Charleston Fellows Program. There is no separate application for merit scholarships associated with the Charleston Fellows Program. Students are invited to an interview weekend based upon the strength of their application and other required materials. More information on merit scholarships awarded by the Honors College can be found here.

Herb Silverman Secular Humanist Scholarship

The Silverman Secular Humanist Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Dr. Herb Silverman (Emeritus Professor of Mathematics). The Scholarship is awarded to full-time students enrolled at the College of Charleston. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in ethics and morality based not on religion but rationalism and humanism. The winner is to be selected by a faculty committee and will have the scholarship renewed annually provided he or she maintains a 3.0 or better grade point average, full-time student status, and a secular humanist outlook. Applications can be accessed via www.cofc.academicworks.com.

Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship

The Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship was established to reward, encourage and promote leadership and action among students. The intent is to inspire and financially aid students who are actively engaged in creating and promoting positive change locally, nationally, and globally. It is the Donor's wish that through this scholarship and the experiences that recipients have at the College, that these scholars are not simply volunteers but are instead change agents, identifying social problems in their world and devising steps to make impact.

The Samuel R. and Regina K. Shapiro Endowed Scholarship

The Shapiro Endowed Scholarship provides a four-year, need-based, full or partial tuition scholarship to one student per entering freshman class at the College of Charleston who is involved in the Jewish Studies Program or the JSU/Hillel. The recipient is selected for the scholarship based on eligibility criteria as reviewed by the Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program in the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs. The application can be found here.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students interested into scholarships to study abroad should review the extensive list provided by the Center for International Education.

Faculty/Staff Dependent Scholarship

The Faculty/Staff Dependent Scholarship is restricted to dependent children or spouses of currently employed faculty/staff, or dependents of anyone who died while employed at the College, who are seeking their first undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Applications are required to be submitted through the Cougar Scholarship Awarding System (CSAS): (https://cofc.academicworks.com/). The deadline to submit this application is March 1st.