South Carolina HOPE Scholarship

The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship is currently $2800 per year for a maximum of one year.


The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship is for incoming freshmen with a 3.00 GPA on the S.C. Uniform Grading Scale who did not receive the LIFE Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows. A student must be a legal resident of the State of South Carolina that graduated from high school in S.C.; or successfully completed a home school program as prescribed by law; or graduated from a preparatory high school outside S.C., while a dependent of a parent or guardian who is a legal resident of this State and has custody of the dependent, and must meet residency requirements for tuition & fees purposes. The student must be full time at the College of Charleston, which is 12 credit hours or more. The student must read and accept the Terms and Conditions and accept the award via MyPortal .

The HOPE Scholarship is for the freshman year only. Students may gain eligibility to receive the South Carolina LIFE Scholarship beginning in their second year.

A student must not have any felony convictions. Second drug or alcohol convictions result in the loss of only one year of state scholarship eligibility. Certain rehabilitation programs may result in regaining eligibility.

Additional Information

Additional information about the S.C. HOPE scholarship can be accessed through the SC Commission on Higher Education's website