State Scholarships

The South Carolina Education Lottery funding comes to the College of Charleston in the form of state scholarships. Choose a scholarship below for more details.

Palmetto Fellows - The SC Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is an academic merit-based scholarship program awarded by the SC Commission on Higher Education.

LIFE Scholarship - The South Carolina LIFE Scholarship is for legal residents of South Carolina who meet the eligibility requirements.

HOPE Scholarship - The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship is for incoming freshmen who meet the eligibility requirements and did not receive the LIFE Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows.

Enhancements - The State of South Carolina has created $2500 Enhancements for Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship recipients majoring in science or math fields.

Summer State Scholarship Participation - Palmetto Fellows, LIFE and Enhancement Scholarships can be used, for those that are eligible and enrolled in 12 credit hours, over the summer.

Teaching Fellows - The SC Teaching Fellows Program is a merit-based program designed to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching program and to help them develop leadership qualities.

Scholarship Renewal Criteria