Request for VA Enrollment Certification

Returning Students

Click here to Request VA Enrollment Certification.

New Students

1) To be certified for VA Benefits through the College of Charleston VA Certifying Official, students must submit a VA Enrollment Certification form for each semester so that you may access your funds.

2) If you are currently registered for more than one semester (for example, during the Summer sessions), and you would like to request VA Enrollment Certification for more than one semester at a time, you MUST successfully complete the first Enrollment Certification Request for the appropriate semester and submit that information. A successful submission will generate the following message:

    Thank you for submitting your VA Registration on-line.

    If you have any questions or comments you can contact us

Print a copy of the VA Registration Submission Confirmation. This will provide you with a copy for your records of the date and time you submitted the successful certification request.

3) To submit additional semester certifications after a successful submission, use the "BACK" button twice.

Note: After pressing the "BACK" button the first time, a "WARNING" message will appear indicating page has expired for your session and it will advise you to "press the refresh" button. Ignore the message about pressing the refresh button, and press the "BACK" button again.

This will allow you to use the base information you used for the initial certification, without having to re-enter the information for each subsequent certification. However, if you exit the site and return at a later time to complete an additional certification, you will have to reenter the information just as if it were the first request.

4) Students must report any changes in enrollment to their VA Certifying Official by resubmitting a College of Charleston Request for VA Enrollment Certification Form as soon as the change occurs.